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Peaches – The Orchids

YEEESSSSSSSSSS! Something else! To demonstrate that the Sarah bands were not immune to ambition and the climate of music they existed in but separately to. This song could have been a hit. Sarah weren’t about to release an album track as a single, so maybe that’s the reason why it was never. And the reason i love the label. It sounds very much like something a mainstream audience could have latched on to were they given the opportunity to do so. And consequently it seems dated, with those backing vocals, the beat, the way the whole thing sounds. It doesn’t really matter to those who love it most.

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Something for the longing – The Orchids

A song placed somewhere after the direct simplicity of juvenilia and before the abandoning, ambition-filled, eschewing elopements of later age. So at the perfect time. But not really. The Orchids had good songs throughout their career (a career recently resurrected), and an equal number of under-exciting ones. This song is between that, i guess is what i mean. But who am i to declare such things? The second best band named the Orchids. It’s my girlfriend’s birthday today.

i had a gun, if

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