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Time To Pretend

Time to pretend – MGMT

I think this was the first song to make me feel consciously old. I could listen to it, i could have contact with it, chart it, “get” it, maybe even enjoy it, but all the while it felt absolutely like they were from and were intended for this generation after mine. It was like watching an invading army and knowing i would be conquered and displaced. A line drawn straight between youth, beauty, florescence, warranted hedonism, and people like me whose time is up and should now step aside. This was something i had no connection with and could have no connection with. A foreignness, alienating and antiquating. I could now give no pretense that i could remain in touch, that i could ever belong, or could ever again, because i was no longer someone who could. It bewildered me. They changed what “it” was. So it’s abdication on my part. The time when i could get away with this has passed.

lessons of darkness

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