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Mirror – Death Side

Before owning this album and reading the lyric sheet, through mishearing and being so much taken with Death Side’s music that the lyrics could take a side role, i always was under the impression the things Ishiya was saying was an ignorable, inconsequential mess of words that sound cool. But no, his is some really profound, unique stuff. What i heard as “Look in the mirror, you will find fear,” turned out to be “Look into the mirror, you’ll never find your real figure,” and oh my this is really something else. The whole album is strangely deep like that. There is a distinct, creative, knotted, intense mind behind these words, now doubling my appreciation of the band. And that’s just the English lyrics i can understand. A side note on the dumbness of my prejudging the quality of Ishiya’s lyrics based only on what he sings in English. Now i’m left to wonder how incredible those words in his native tongue are.

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Devil In The Hell

Devil in the Hell – Death Side

Well that’s where he is. Most of the time… For writing riffs, there was no better guitar player in the world to me than Chelsea from Death Side. The most on fire, whirlwind ferociousness ever extracted from the geometry of the guitar, tied to the steamroller momentum of an unchanging, breathless drum beat. Yes. Of course this is one of their slower songs and doesn’t really prove my point as much as others, but everything is still there. His is a sad loss (all are), for someone i’ve never met. But he reached me and i guess that’s enough.

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