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Too Much Too Young

Too much too young – The Specials

Yes Specials, please do tell women how they should live, especially directing them in a way that ultimately benefits you. Shaping it in their ascertained awareness as a social ill rather than just a frustrated expression of young men not having total control over everything and everyone, lumping the responsibility and blame of a supposed out of control population boom solely on the woman in the process. Don’t set your sights too much on the really culpable people, institutions and ideologies. Go after the girl on the street. And cool, it’s followed up on the album with Little Bitch.

Here i am harping on a band thirty-five years old, but i do hope some people in the scene called them on this shit back then. I’m sure that would have gone down well, that their sound views on racism and their voice of a generation status would have made them immune to any criticism, thinking it inconceivable. What should be criticised is how slow this song is. They did make it faster as they continued to play it live, so they corrected themselves there. Maybe they were shown how conservative their views on women were, and learned and adjusted themselves there as well. Or maybe that would have been too much of a threat to the lad haven the ska and punk scene was. Is.

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Ghost Town

Ghost town – The Specials

Snow day! If it weren’t, i’d talk about how this song reminds me of Father Ted, which is a comic reference that i think might make me look old. What are the kids watching these days that has Ghost Town on the soundtrack?

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