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Merry Xmas Everybody

Merry Xmas everybody – Slade

And here i was thinking i had never heard a Slade song. There are probably others. They were too big (i’m judging this by how many records of theirs i have to flip past) for something of theirs not to be still on the radio, in commercials, as mall muzak. Theirs was a blind time of music for me. I’m sure it’s no big loss.

And it is this time of year i hear it. When work shifts out of its regular radio programming and Christmas songs gradually until completely take it over. Maybe it’s because they can no longer play Christmas carols, but it seems any song with the slightest mention of the holiday gets play. I guess anything can be a Christmas song. Especially so if it induces humbug. They never play Christmas Wrapping though.

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