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Splash – Royal Headache

I haven’t seen Royal Headache in a long, long time. This song – one of their earliest – coming into my head probably dates me as a fan of theirs, as they have probably written a million new songs in this interim. But they are so great. I just have the feeling going to see them again would be a lot like Homer breaking into Moe’s once it becomes Flaming Moe’s.

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Honey joy – Royal Headache

I guess i was just really, really excited to get up this morning knowing i would be able to finally buy their 7″ from Peter at his work. And this song isn’t even on it! Oh well. Great record. I was cool, once…

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Eloise – Royal Headache

As featured on Pitchfork.com. And it’s not because it’s the only un-live mp3 with lyrics i have of them on this computer. It is a legitimate wake-up-with-it-in-mah-head song. I need to see these guys way more often than i do. I need to keep hold of their kite string as it flies off into some all too deserved stratosphere.

Why did we start a hardcore band? This is where the (proverbial) money is, the hype is, legitimacy is, a ticket out of squaresville is, the (almost certain, not even left up to) chance for enthusiastic, rapturous reception is. This is where incredible songs and good times are. Wait until this record is released. Hey, for once i can act the part of the up-to-date, trendy, news offering music blog and not so much one stuck in my head/butt. Royal Headache have a 7″ featuring this very song coming out on R.I.P Society Records we’re promised real soon. Check it out.


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