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Love Letter Boxes

Love letter boxes – The Posies

Everything just seems so right listening to the Posies. Like this is the way four guys in a guitar band should sound. This is the mark rock music should have raised itself to, and the Posies did it. Even though in many ways, down its many paths, this formula is used and achieves better, it really needn’t. Only for other pleasures.

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Any Other Way

Any other way – The Posies

This is off the Dear 23 album, also known as the one before Frosting On The Beater – just as Amazing Disgrace and onwards are known as those after Frosting On The Beater. That’s dumb. I’m dumb. Anyway, i wanted to emphasise it was from an album because the majority of my Posies listening this past year has been from those seven compiled files of rare performances found on the Wilfully Obscure blog, and it is so great to finally hear the “real” version of this again.

As transient and words-and-chords as songs are, and as much as i love differing versions of them, there is some good in having something that could be deemed official and definitive. It makes a memory, a mark, an absolute from which all other existences are measured. Usually measured less than. This song in particular comes 8 times in different versions among those files (it’s one of the less frequent!) and they all now make me miss the one off Dear 23. This one. It is perfect. They knew it was perfect. Something has to be perfect.

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Dream All Day

Dream all day – The Posies

I’ve been listening to a whole bunch of radio, television and otherwise live recordings of the Posies (which i ecstatically found here) recently and i must have heard this song at least thirty times since i started. Thirty times, each one a difference performance, sometimes acoustic, sometimes not. Anyway, i’ve come to realise something horrible and unspeakable: I might not actually like this song so much.

I’m sure this recent saturation may have something to do with it, but i will happily sit through and receive the other songs that come as abundantly in this package. Dream All Day seems plodding and stale compared to what else the Posies could do. It was their one radio hit and boy does it sound like it. I don’t know. I’m sure i will come around again. It’s just i don’t think i need to hear this song again for a long time.

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Solar Sister

Solar sister – The Posies

Talk about your perfect songs. This goes right next to Naked Raygun’s Matastasis on my one-line-verse-bam-chorus mixtape. Gah! This song is so incredibly great! I’m terrible at gushing. It’s all attendant in the song anyway. One of the greatest songs ever written. Perfect, perfect, perfect! The chorus, the structure, the melody, the harmonies, the fact it came out of early 1990’s Seattle… We elected the wrong Washingtonian guitar guys.


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