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Bubble Pop!

Bubble pop! – HyunA

The worlds this song is caught between. The first foot dipped in the deep end, but still enough to stir controversy (promotions were halted for they being too sexually suggestive). One of the funnest, pure pop songs released last year, yet all done with this cognizance that a certain type of focusing, use and movement of the body is a necessary thing in pop so they had better keep up. It’s an idea that’s abound and unshakeable in the Korean pop industry, yet something still not always perfected. Like a lot of things it seems always to be gauging and measuring up, never setting the measure. I believe they can and have.

The same aspiration and approximation can be said of any pop industry, most egregiously the Americans themselves. So Hyuna dons Beyonce’s Crazy In Love shorts, singlet and heels. And sweat. What was the marketing behind Beyonce aspiring and approximating to? Anyway, this song worked for Hyuna – raising her profile and establishing her as a solo performer.

Maybe moreso internationally than in her home country. This song ranked number 9 in Spin magazine’s top songs of last year. Incredible. It was the only Korean song to do so, so that might mean tokenism, but tokenism regardless means that something, some class, deserves representation and honour above any wish of preclusion. That’s a thing to be excited for. That’s the real first foot dipped in the deep end.

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