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Igual Que Ayer

Igual que ayer – Vacaciones

I’ll have posted the whole album on here soon enough, even filler songs like this one. This is a very slight song. However, unlike the other songs on the album that are beautiful in their slightness, boiled down to a perfect essence, this song is a nothing idea in style experimentation that goes nowhere. Except to “do do do do-do…” etc. Thankfully it’s short, but all the songs on Sonreir are short.

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I’m sorry. School’s getting in the way.. Yesterday’s song was…
Love Rain – Kim Tae Woo

and today’s is…
Walking out on love – The Beat

One of the better songs ever written, but one i’m worried i might be liking less and less every time i listen to it. I hope not. The first time i did hear it i was so floored by it, and i just haven’t been able to find that feeling again. Or it’s there, just not as much, and anything less hurts. I think i may have heard the single version first, if there even exists a single version. Maybe that’s it. If i found that single version again.

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Anything Could Happen

Anything could happen – The Clean

I don’t see the alignment and influence of the Clean with this new hip slacker pop that has taken off so, but i am a lonely, lonely, ugly person whose gauge on this is skewed to what fulfills and excites me personally so therefore am wrong. It seems from a journalist (read: person who writes authoritatively about things on the internet) labeling more so than the bands themselves. But i’ve been fooled too often. I don’t see it and i won’t accept it. Where’s the goof? Where’s the good songs? Where’s the using the guitar to not only look cool and indifferent behind? I probably would have hated the Clean if they existed around me as these other bands do.

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Two feet on the ground – Sludgeworth

Ignoring all their truly horrible songs which aren’t so much horrible but just weird and different, this is my least favourite Sludgeworth song. It’s a lot like yesterday’s song in that it is very boring and repetitive, without any effort for climax. It sounds like two parts lumped together, calling them verse and chorus, and playing them the requisite number of times to call it a song. “Two feet on the ground” is repeated too often, just as Wake Up says “Wake up” too often. Unlike Wake Up however, there is actually promise this song may go someplace special, the way it begins and the verse starts; the way Sludgeworth usually take their songs someplace special. It doesn’t. Oh well.

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Wake Up

Wake up – Eye Candy

Here is their bad follow up single. Who does this sound like? Or does it just fall under an umbrella of boring synth alterna-rock? Muse? 30 Seconds To Mars? U2? Every other Korean band. I’ve lost touch. Thankfully the show ended with them playing Jaywalking and not this. Not looking towards a future where this song held the blandness of what they could be, but backwards to where they began and what made them want to do this in the first place.

This video frames Soo-ah poorly imo.

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Emmaboda – Vacaciones

Alright. Every Vacaciones song i have had in my head until now has been from their first album Sonreir, and finally here is one from their follow up. It’s hard not to use this for demonstration purposes as to why that album is a little disappointing. You can see the difference. These songs are just as fantastic as they always were, it’s just the economy is gone, the youth abandoned, the orthodox comes in, the punk goes out. And that is important. I’m sure a lot of people would prefer this Vacaciones to the earlier. This album probably sold a lot more copies and brought Vacaciones to higher levels of fame than their first. Not loser, prefers his songs 2-3 times shorter me.

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Busby Berkeley dreams – The Magnetic Fields

A Busby Berkeley dream would be two-thirds serviceable, fast-talking, amusing, usually backstage show plot-as-excuse to get to these dreams. And then this would happen:

grrr… You’ll have to click on it.

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A veces si, a veces no – Juniper Moon

I want to start a band whose sole influence is those Spanish bands from around the turn of the century. I don’t think any of us will be Spanish speakers, but we will sing in Spanish to honour these bands’ resolution (i like to think so…) to keep their lyrics in their native language and not in English.

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Mister – Kara

If it isn’t already, i think this song’s greater legacy may be in its butt dance than in the song itself; even Kara itself. A simple yet cheeky dance nearly anyone can do in any setting to any *wanted* level of exhibition; the go-to “do a trick for us” anytime a member of Kara appears on a variety show. As time goes on the butt dance will be remembered first, Kara second as a connected afterthought, but the song maybe not at all beyond “La la la la la la 1-2-3-4-5-6 Boom/Do it!

That’s not to say this song isn’t successful. In fact it’s the complete converse. Giving the world this dance, the medium through which it was implanted, Mister served it’s duty as a pop song. After the emphemerality of it sets in and the frenzy of promotion and sales dies down and is replaced by the new, people will be shaking their bon bons for a long time to come. It has life beyond what record label people could profit from it. People’s 2009 encapsulated, memorialised, in a butt dance.

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1, 2, 3, Red light – The 1910 Fruitgum Company

See? Rock did attain perfection in the late 60’s after all.

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