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Wellington’s Wednesdays – The Weakerthans

I think a common theme to this here thing (i just can’t say blog…) is my ignorance to New Order and the nudge that such ignorance and an aspirationally cool life do not coincide. Well, me being me, it wasn’t until last year that i came to know the last lines of this song were lifted from New Orders Temptation. At least i think it’s Temptation. “Oh, you’ve got green eyes. Oh, you’ve got blue eyes. Oh, you’ve got grey eyes.” That. I like the Weakerthans’ use more. Making something meaningful from something meaningful.

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Diagnosis – The Weakerthans

Why aren’t the Weakerthans more popular. No, i’ll broaden that: Why aren’t the Weakerthans acknowledged, objectively and undefinably, as the best band that has yet come. It is a failure on part of the world. I have not celebrated them or even thought to celebrate them as such, but i am coming to a recognition that they might be that one best band. There are some i might like more, listen to more, but i really think this might be it – the absolute peak. Of the guys with guitars kind.

I am swept away buy a lot of things in my life, but am never more enraptured than by Weakerthans songs. Caught, those words leaving my lips, the song coming to define and support everything i want, everything i feel within and out of that moment. This is me, this is life. It is an effect i believe universal, immediate to anyone who has a song of theirs come at those most necessary, most receptive of times. I do not need them all the time – i could not bear it – but at those right times i need nothing else.

At what they do. This is probably a subjective response based on my circumstance in life – who i am and what i respond to – but the best lyrics ever written are those written by John K. Sampson. And there is no one with better voice to sing them. There is no better music to accord them.

So why? They aren’t even at the “indie darlings” level. Maybe they’re too smart, too literate. Maybe they still are too linked with their punk rock past. People fear to tread that path. Maybe it is them being Canadian. Or remaining independent. Or being, as they are, too much for mass consumption and reception. I’m not asking for their popularity. Maybe a committee to analyse and conclude them as that one best band. I don’t get things. It doesn’t surprise me i don’t.

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Elegy For Elsabet

Elegy for Elsabet – The Weakerthans

There was a time, just after this album came out, when i would take Left and Leaving with me everywhere. With me to school, parties, on car trips, over to friends’ houses – everywhere. Everywhere alone, and (i think more relevantly) everywhere i was in company. It wasn’t just me cramming another CD in my backpack, it was brought along as some signal, some piece of benevolence, some semblance that i could be into and hold actually good music.

Left and Leaving was the first thing i remember owning that i could share with people – cultured, knowing people (my friends, their friends) – that could reflect in me something appealing, intriguing and worthwhile. The first album seemed still trapped in punk rock, and hence its appeal and affect to others stilted. This seemed such a departure, but a departure into some exquisite heights. It was so literate, beautiful and sophisticated. Those things mattered at the beginning of the last decade, on makeoutclubs and livejournals.

Of course i never once let it leave my backpack. Me getting play on someone else’s stereo, filling someone else’s earspace, would take a lot more presumption, a lot more confidence, and a lot more presence than i’ve ever allowed myself to be blessed with. But i took it everywhere.

name uinknown

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This is a fire door never leave open – The Weakerthans

It is my girlfriend’s birthday today so of course i still have presents to buy, cakes to bake, and cards to make, so the want for this entry – my first Weakerthans one – to be substantial, reverential and an adequate one, relating what this band has meant to me over the years, and how many places i’ve carried this CD with me in my backpack, won’t be fulfilled here.

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