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Don’t Say You Love Me

Don’t say you love me – M2M

This was in the first Pokemon movie. On the basis of the kind of fandom that Pokemon has, coupled with the girls in M2M’s age at the time and their all-Norwegian spritely-ness, i guarantee some small but weird and obsessive fandom follows them around to this day, ten years after they broke up. The kind of romantic yet sociopathic one where over time if connection and ardour are maintained – if their poster remains up on your wall and if your webringed, tripod fansite is maintained – and the girls’ respective stars remain small enough, it seems more and more possible that they will notice you and fall for you as you have them. It happens on the Vegas circuit all the time.

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Pretty Boy

Pretty boy – M2M

Whatever happened to M2M? They were once here and everywhere with their acoustic guitars and then not. And they were here so much. They were huge, something incredible considering they were Norwegian and we’re not usually administered music not British or American. Of course M2M sung in English (unless some hidden local release has the lyrics in Norwegian) and were pushed by a multinational record label.

But they were here and on the soundtrack to Felicity and Pokemon, and had romance scandal rumours with Hanson, then much like Hanson disappeared and were replaced in a way no one seemed to notice except for i’m sure their most diehard of fans. It took for this song to reappear on Korean television for me to remember they existed at all. They were good. I wonder what became of them.

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