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Confessional – Giving Chase

Half of me really likes this song. Well, half of me really likes the intro to this song. The other half is uptightly and agitatedly aware that this is hardcore from a place, influence and direction that doesn’t exactly fit with what i hope and like of the music. Maybe, long ago, i could have stomached this more, but now – who i am, what i’ve heard, what i’ve gained from a very certain (read: revo/hessian) arm of hardcore – this is not something that could ever move me. Or maybe it could, if it were without that guitar nonsense, those breakdowns, those melodic vocals – those things that closer align it to a “truer” hardcore than that insignificance i listen to. No, not then still.

A whole new angle of disdain for this song came this morning, as i had no idea what it was called, who it was by, nor anything of it beyond that first decent part. Trawling through 10,000 or so songs on itunes to find it was not how i wanted this day to begin. But, honestly, it’s not as though much else would have ever come from my morning.

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