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Gee – 소녀시대

The space in that dropped beat during the chorus is the infinity of every glorious thing that could float through life made possible.

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Sunday, May 26th:
Ordinary people do fucked up things when fucked up things become ordinary – Propagandhi

Monday, May 27th:
Why did i trust you? – The Garlands

Tuesday, May 28th:
Hoot – Girls’ Generation

Busy, busy, busy. Torn between three towns 100 kilometres apart and i’m an idiot. I don’t deserve anything good in life. And after class today i’m pretty sure i’m safe never to get that anything.

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Girls’ generation – Girls’ Generation

This is a cover of an Lee Seung-chul song, but also, obviously, Girls’ Generation’s namesake. Being a cover and all, it cannot be considered their theme song. At least not one they (the greater they – the whole SNSD machine) wrote themselves. It’s a handy thing that Seung-chul’s original had all spirit of Girls’ Generation (the group) attendant years before they ever became a thing. Before some of them were born, even.

This seems silly to say, but the original is a remarkable song simply for being what it is, carrying the message it does, and it being written and performed by a man. An anthem for a young generation of girls written by someone not part of either, yet one that gets and reflects back knowingly, sincerely and vitally everything important and wonderful about them.

It is so much so, that this version, in repackaging and resending this gift with their own sentiment, kind of dilutes its power. Observing it, being enamoured by and of it, versus living it. Also in the time between the two versions: The 1980’s were not that long ago, but Korea’s were even further. This Girls’ Generation should (should…) already be aware of their power and fabulousness. Girls’ Generation are just singing of it, Lee Seung-chul is singing for it.

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Way To Go

Way to go – Girls’ Generation

Rock along with the Girls’ Generation. An anomaly in their back catalogue, and maybe that’s for the best. Though this a very good song – i like the bridge (after cringing through the English lines) – it does shake their identity and expose somewhat what they are: A construction of producers and industry-types. People who like guitars very much, or expect others to like guitars very much, or still invest an authentic, rebellious symbolism in the guitar. I’m still entirely not sure what constitutes modern J-Pop, but to me this sounds very J-Pop. In my mind it’s something very loud, rocky, and could be used for an anime theme song. This song is all those things.

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Hoot – Girls’ Generation

Woo! Two days home and alone and i’m back into it. This was my least favourite Girls’ Generation song until Mr. Taxi came out; and that my least favourite until The Boys came out. Diminishing returns and all that. It doesn’t seem as bad now. At least it gave us this:

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I went to Adelaide to record and play a show and reconnect with people who mean a bunch to me and others who could potentially, so that’s where i’ve been. It kinda stinks to be back home, but that’s expected.
Thursday: The boys – Girls’ Generation

Friday: Sorry Again – Velocity Girl

Saturday: Nauseous – Koro

Sunday: Order no. 270 – Calvary

Monday: Tripping wires – Velocity Girl

Tuesday: Do you love coffee? – Braid

I like how it begins with SNSD and then returns to things i shouldn’t be ashamed of. Less ashamed of. How i am when left alone vs. how i am when i’m with people. The correcting of company. Good company. Thank you, everyone.

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Friday 30/12: The Boys – Girls’ Generation

Saturday 31/12: Cry Cry – T-ara

Sunday 1/12: Sixth Sense – Brown Eyed Girls

Monday 2/1: Be My Baby – Wonder Girls

Tuesday 3/1: Niagara – The Wedding Present

Wednesday 4/1: Flash – Stéphanie

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