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God Is A DJ

God is a DJ – Pink

The ubiquity of Pink and her songs strikes again. I think i was nice to her last time, but not so much this time for this vacuous, shorthanded slice of commercial-radio-prepping-Friday-nigh- pub-jukebox/DJ-pilgrimage-with-the-girls tedium. But then again, that is life, and a pleasurable part of it, for some people. What did i do last Friday night? Worked until midnight, got home and watched Alan Partridge. A-HA!

leave her to heaven

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U + Ur Hand

U + Ur hand – Pink

I know Pink is huge and means a lot to many, but is she disproportionately huge here in Australia? Her profile is always being boosted here, she’s forever touring, and turn on any radio, any television, and her music is inescapable. So is she more popular here than anywhere else? Are we the market for her? If so, why so?

It’s funny that we should have to become a concentrated base of fan gratification for her, being on the other side of the world from her. Judging by the commercials for her tours that pop up on TV all the time, she puts on quite the show. It seems something so elaborate that producing it anywhere beyond a local setting would be made unfeasible due to logistic, assemblage, transportational, personnel and financial issues. Yet she does it all, and here. No wonder people love her so. Costume changes, theatrics, acrobatics! She looks to be an amazing and fearless performer. The Wendy O. Williams of the pop world. Maybe.

heavenly creatures

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