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Makes Desire

Makes desire – LIE

More than ten years ago when the 625 record label was everything to me and i would buy everything on it i could find, i was tempered not only by a lack of money, but more so a lack of stores around here selling their stuff. But between Iron Maiden picture discs and all that other nonsense stuff they sold, Utopia Records occasionally did, and they had this LIE album. If this wasn’t before mp3’s it was at least before i began using them, so i came at this not knowing what i was getting in to. Only that it was on 625. To sum my reaction up: i had never heard vocals like this. Headless Horsemen weren’t a band yet so Shorty’s vocals there hadn’t shwon me the way. So high pitched, so much the antithesis of every hardcore vocalist i had heard until then, yet so perfect for this music. Why was everyone trying to sound heavy and tough? Why not just be this screech of energy tied to an explosion of music?

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