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Hitten – Those Dancing Days

This is such an almost there song for me. I wish i liked it more. If only i were a little/lot younger, a little more carefree, a little less scrutinous and under scrutiny myself, a little less obstinate, a little more fun, a little less seasoned, a little less of a stick in the mud, a little more Swedish, a little more directly in line of every bit of joy and enthusiasm this band excites in those that love them. I feel like a part of me is lost, through time, age, experience, and that distance from here to the longed-for there is measured by every lack this song has to sway me.

I wish i liked it more, not i wish it were better. It is my fault. How i long to be duly affected by it. I still think it is a good song, just not quite there. There is no sense of that contrivance here that i usually find in such bands, becoming the one stumbling point between me and fandom. I wish i were in this band. What could be better than being young, attractive, playing in a band and touring the world with my equally as young and attractive best friends, playing to our young, attractive fans who love us so?

Also, in this song’s video, at the keyboard solo there is this neat thing the keyboard player does in tapping out the notes on a set of stairs that i wish was shot better, like in an overhead with no or little cutaway, never losing track of her feet, and with each stair corresponding to an exact note (though i guess it would be hard to span the steps when it gets to that part where plays one note followed by its octave). It is such a good idea, i just wish it were done better. Actually i think it may have been done before.


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