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Smile! No one cares how you feel – The Gothic Archies

The biggest laugh in the theatre for the Strange Powers movie was from a clip for an American morning show with Stephin Merritt as the Gothic Archies as musical guest. It’s another great moment of someone not meant for television finding themselves on television. The interviewer is as up and bubbly as morning television mandates, Stephin as he is. There was an exchange that could have only happened between two people of such polarity trying to work through air time talking their ways around each other, when talking about the Lemony Snicketts books the interviewer says:
“…and the kids absolutely adore, and i’m sure they’re gonna love the music as well.”
“They better.”
“They better! Or else!”
“Something dark could happen to them.”
Then with the perfectness of timing only living always in such a shell could bring, Stephin replies:
“Something dark is going to happen to them anyway.”
Bam. He then plays this song.

Oh, i could link it so you could see for yourself:

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