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Alchemist – Fun Machine

Listening to the radio is a hard thing. Aggravating and depressing, it’s a trawl through shit. It always has been. But something has happened these past couple of years where bands who would otherwise be playing whatever’s in at the time have finally figured out that playing guitar pop songs is a good idea. It’s like my time has finally come, and that would be ok but in nearly every band that comes up i see something lacking, like the approach is wrong, the intention is wrong. I’d prefer to listen to the songs i could never like or inane DJ chatter than being fooled by songs that are almost there, should be there, but crucially, infuriatingly, are not. It’s painful. I want good bands near me – bands who get it! A band i can fall in love with. Just one. Is that too much to ask?

I don’t think Fun Machine are trying to be the band i want them (or some other band) to be, but they could be if certain things were a little different. If only. I think this song is going gangbusters at the moment, the amount of times i’ve heard it applied to the amount of times i do listen to the radio. It’s blowing up!

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