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The Heat Is On

The heat is on – Glenn Frey

I thought this was a Kenny Loggins song and i had this huge post lined up presenting some barely cohesive conspiracy theory that that man, despite his hair and a lengthy music career prior, did not exist and was a creation of movie executives upon the advent of MTV and the revolution that came with it as a tool to aide corporations in their hold over every facet of sellable entertainment – developing in-house, cross-promoting, conspiring and selling from one tentacle of their corporate octopus to another, blanketing the world with their product.

But no! This is an ex-Eagle. And Holiday Road isn’t a Kenny Loggins song either! Lindsey Buckingham! The spate of movie soundtrack songs in the 80’s wasn’t all one man. It was the fate of many a washed up star, called on when a studio needed a recognisable face to sell a song to sell a soundtrack to sell a movie.

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