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To Satisy

To satisy – Mohinder

A deeply melodic hardcore band with basslines that twisted all around your skull, these songs were gems boiled down to one or two minute epics.

As with so many of these bands, for the longest time the only hint i had as to how Mohinder sounded was a coalescence of my own imagined estimation (usually way off) and the description of them of the FourFa site. It was a different time, when everything wasn’t on Megaupload (a single tear), before the Paint It Black or even Humble Pie record stores had opened up, before i was savvy or had money enough to find these discography CD’s. It was discography CD’s back then. Nevermind the original records.

So my imagination swelled for years until finally i heard them and realised how mislead i was. And how otherwise, uniquely and truly great Mohinder were. The basslines were there and were every bit as twisty. The only thing that doesn’t seem to fit from that above description is “deeply melodic” – unless i’m reading it wrong and it’s a case of melody being buried so deep it’s indiscernible. I just wasn’t prepared, even with Heroin and Swing Kids and Saetia shaping this branch of emo for me prior, for how Mohinder would sound. It’s simple: Octave chords, stop/starting, fast-as-you-can drumming, the bass – yet like nothing else.

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Gone? Yes. I went away on one of my too infrequent, too short holidays, this time to Dubbo and other parts of central NSW. Fuck you. It’s a real pretty part of the world – rolling fields, rivers (i know they’re not so nice at the moment, but still…), lakes, nice towns developed sensibly, civically, around centres of industry and agriculture, tourist traps, roadside cherries. Why do we cling to the coast so? Anyway…
Monday: All you ever do is walk away – The Magnetic Fields

Tuesday: Number one – Mohinder

Wednesday (today): Yesterday once more – The Carpenters

One tip, though: There is no good food past Orange.

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Inhuman Nature

Inhuman nature – Mohinder

When Emo Summer declared their purpose to restore and honour the Cupertino Library basement of 1994, it seems clear now that (amongst others) they were talking about Mohinder. Mohinder still seem the most obscure and underappreciated band of the first tier of dredged up mid 90’s emo they have been made a part of. And maybe my favourite. Probably not. There’s Heroin. And Shotmaker. And others. Don’t ever examine your hyperboles, people

In this age of everything from any age surfaceable thanks to this heaven sent archiving and sharing tool we call the internet, i have found exactly two (2) photographs and zero (0) videos to transmit to me, here, now, an actualness of what they may have been like live – that corporeality i like. But i have found all the records. Maybe that is enough. Maybe this maintained obscurity helps.

american soldier

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In memory of a stranger – Mohinder

A Mohinder song that does not appear on their discography CD/12″ + 7″. It is always nice when you find that what you thought you had was everything by a band turns out to be an untruth and there lies even more to be heard. Like how the Mohinder, Portraits of Past and Heroin discographies don’t include certain compilation tracks, the Moss Icon CD is only maybe a half of everything, and then there’s the stream of demo tracks this glorious age of mp3 blogs consistently unearths.

Unless it’s irritating, these lies beset by what should be assumed as complete discographies. Maybe it is the band themselves designing their histories, selecting the material from which to be remembered.

I love this song by the way. There ain’t much to it, and the occasional drum fill kind of brings a disruption to the experience, but it is still beautiful piece of music. I know these words mean something in attempts of music description, but there is both a warmth and stark coldness to this song, and it fits it perfectly. Done for the best of reasons too.

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