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See you later, heartbreaker – The Baskervilles

I mean these are normal people who through will and some circumstance are actively pursuing a dream and achieving it; who have some pride in what they’re doing and are having a lot of fun doing it. Who am i?

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See you later, heartbreaker – Baskervilles

There’s something about this song that grates with me. Sure, it’s catchy – that’s probably the reason it’s here – but… i don’t know. There seems to me something contrived, something dull, something counterfeit, something adult, here. It’s, to me, music from a place i don’t like, a place that should not produce music, nor even know about music this good – a place i’m not sure where, or even how to gain an entrance, so don’t even ask me. I can’t explain my stupid prejudices and hang ups.

Then again, maybe this isn’t not so bad. No, it’s not so bad. A day spent at work with the memory of this song, on continuous loop – some insubstantial, half-recalled loop – being angry at everything, everyone, myself, misled me a bit. It still does seem a bit false indiepop. Death to that.

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