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Oso Panda

Oso panda – Papá Topo

There sure have been a lot of Spanish bands here recently. Specifically, those Spanish bands Elefant Records curates and gives the world. In the healthiest competition, there is no Grupos Activas among them that excites me as much as Papa Topo. There is no band in the world that excites me as much as Papa Topo. No other band that fits so precisely my image of a perfect band: Very young, ridiculously attractive, on point musically and influentially, no pretension except that attendant in youth anyway. Everything i’m not.

They are a brother and sister duo from the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain. Majorca, to be specific. The seem to exist only for themselves, existing out of a relationship they could only have developed themselves. They were 15 and 18 respectively at the time of this song, and i would like them to stay 15 and 18 forever. Everything here is caught at exactly the right time. I’m worried adulthood will corrupt. I don’t trust youth to know how much they get things so absolutely right.


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