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The Crowd

The crowd – Operation Ivy

I think now might be the time for me to reappraise Operation Ivy. From be all, end all ska-punk progenitor and crust gateway drug (an early, early gateway) to their place in that Berkley/Gilman Street scene (and beyond in underground American music at that time. Not only ska) not as kings but just as part of a larger whole. As they were when they were active, not as t-shirts and myth. It has been a while since i left them and i’ve grown to know a whole lot more about that scene than i did when Operation Ivy were all i knew of it. That image of them can no longer be sustained. As can’t the image that they came to be Rancid, imbued back then with that pretentious ethos and affect that Rancid either fooled or bored us all with. Rather Operation Ivy were just a young punk band with really good lyrics born out of a varied, supportive scene who played ska because it was undergoing a resurgence at the time.

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