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Come Back Jonee

Come back Jonee – Devo

If i were an American in the early 70’s and applying for colleges, knowing what i know, picking from history, i would choose Kent State, Ohio. From what i’ve seen it’s a really pretty campus, and is an excellent academic and research school, but oh to see those early Devo shows.

Actually, i imagine it would be a difficult time. The shootings being so recent and the very real yet muted pain and anger that lingered in memory and legal battles would not have been the best thing to live through, let alone study. Devo were an expression of that.

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Gates Of Steel

Gates of steel – Devo

My favourite Devo song behind Mongoloid, and not too far ahead of a whole bunch of others. It annoys me, as it annoyed the band, that the politics of Devo fell diluted to the quirkiness of their sound and behaviour. They, like all my favourite bands, were a band of music and ideas. Sure, de-evolution could as equally be the dominion of some fedora wearing, “fucking normal people”, dark-walled bedroom philosopher who in their same harbour hold some other quite ugly ideas, but, while not an out and out subscriber to de-evolution, i sympathise, and Devo will receive no reproach from me. I’ll save reproach for chumps who label them not serious.

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