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Hey Lucille

Hey Lucille – Small Factory

Rather than some person, i like to think this song’s about a cat or a dog named Lucille. It more than likely is. And the song is just Alex, Dave or Phoebe Summersquash (never not write that surname out in full) or whoever wrote it just writing lyrics freeform as whatever their cat or dog is doing at the time. Sitting in the sun, lying on her pillow, taking a nap, that’s it. This is off the incredible …One Last Kiss compilation on SpinART records, and off there only i think.

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Hopefully – Small Factory

What a glorious thing it is when all three of Small Factory come in to sing their parts of the chorus. Three voices that were made to be sung together. And that little pause at about two and a half minutes in, where everything stops and as much anticipation as can be squeezed in one beat is. It coming back, Alex, Dave and Phoebe: “DOOOOOOOWWWN!” Yes, glorious. This song is from the Brilliant Records compilation, Something Pretty Beautiful.

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