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I’ll be mellow when i’m dead – “Weird Al” Yankovich

Shameful, but it may come as little surprise that my life outlook can be summed up in a Weird Al Yankovich song. All except for the Big Mac in place of Japanese bean sprouts stuff, but Al turned vegan a few years after this song so he’s ok by me. But the unmellow edge kept on, ever kicking against the “it’s cool, man”s, reserving the right to be wound up, and that’s where he’s an ally. Weird Al. If it’s a mark against me that i like him then that’s a mark i’m all too happy to wear. The greatest live show i’ve seen is still his at Penrith Panthers nearly ten years ago. That’s not nostalgia or hyperbole based on inexperience, it’s an objective reading of how entertained i was. My face hurt for a week after from smiling so much. He didn’t play this song though.

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