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Saturday, July 21st:
The dance in that rhythm – Kim Wan Sun

Sunday, July 22nd:
London belongs to me (part 2) – The Crabapples

Monday, July 23rd:
Yr philosophy – Street Chant

Tuesday, July 24th:
Namida no Matsurika (Jasmine) LOVE – Kawai Sonoko

Wednesday, July 25th:
Rain – The Chills

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London belongs to me (part 2) – The Crabapples

You know, i’ve never heard part one. That is if it even exists and the part 2 wasn’t just added to create the illusion that there is more out there by the Crabapples than this record and a floppy disk. I think this was the first Slumberland record i ever owned. That’s probably all to do with it being something they released when i finally had spending power. It remains one of my favourites.

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