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Exciter – Judas Priest

Fall to your knees and repent if you please. This might paint me as a certain type of Judas Priest fan, but the best Judas Priest songs are those that have these incredible melodic dual guitar lines that arise at absolutely perfect moments and take everything to even greater heights. In this song, the glorious plane reached towards the end, coming from the second solo after the song more or less repeats itself, is just a lump of greatness piled on greatness. The best Judas Priest songs are also the fast ones. Thinking about which songs fall into these groupings, maybe their best songs are their album openers. I’m the Judas Priest fan who doesn’t listen to anything past the first song. Not really.

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Ram It Down

Ram it down – Judas Priest

SWR FM, Blacktown, Fairfield, and Holroyd’s community broadcaster is Sydney’s best radio station. A true community radio station, with true community representation and outreach. That there are so many metal-themed shows on their programme reflects wholly that representation and outreach.

The best show (and what might be the longest running) show it broadcasts, in my opinion, to my preference, in English, is Obscure Alternatives. Thursdays, 12-2pm. Playing mostly punk, hardcore and metal, Australian and international, bands canonised or forgotten, usually in three song per one band brackets, it’s as if he hasn’t bought a record since 1993 and it is the ultimate older sibling radio show. I have been exposed to a lot of new and great music through this guy. The first time i heard this song was on his show.

I’m the most casual of heavy metal fan. I own Reign in Blood and only Reign in Blood, if i went to an Iron Maiden concert all my favourite songs would be played because i only know the songs they fit into every concert, Betrayer is the only Kreator song i know, i know only the first three or four songs off most Sepultura albums, it took me forever to realise the significance and hilarity of Sebastian Bach’s cameo in Gilmore Girls, i can use “Grim and Frostbitten” in a sentence but it is used without appropriate consequence and i couldn’t tell you it’s origin. There is certainly a distance i put between myself and that lifestyle. But i do love and am moved by the music.

It takes someone to point these songs out to me. The only other Judas Priest song i knew (and for the most part still know) was Freewheel Burning, and that was a combination of it having a video and Your Mother’s cover of it. Breaking the Law and You’ve Got Another Thing Coming existed for me the way commercial jingles exist for me. So he plays this song, a world is imparted and opened up for me, and i’m left saying “fuck yes!”

I’m not sure to what level this song is venerated among true fans, but this is my favourite Judas Priest song… of what i’ve heard. The speed, the call for community, the known power of community, the almost poppy “Shout it out!” interlude, the guitar solo that just won’t end – awesome. An awesome, awesome song. I have this feeling i am never going to be the kind of person Mr. Obscure Alternatives is, no matter how much i’d like to be, and no matter how well tooled i think i am. I’ll never open up worlds for people, influence people, be a cooler older sibling to anyone. It’s left for me to absorb and pass things on pathetically, ineffectually, sheepishly. Enjoy.

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