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Together in electric dreams – Philip Oakey and Giorgio Moroder

An incredible song. I first heard it and fell in love instantly not through watching Electric Dreams (which i still haven’t seen), nor through the evangelical efforts of this song’s arch-proponent, Lawrence Leung, but through deciding one night out of curiosity to sit through an entire repeat of Countdown and having Molly Meldrum introduce this wonderful song to my life. He introduced it in that way pop music show presenters always do, as “the new venture from Human League vocalist Phil Oakley, maybe after this has blown over he can go back and release that new Human League album we’re all waiting for. Giorgio who?” And then this amazing song played. Not to belittle them, but this song is above and beyond anything the Human League ever did, and enthusiasm for it should be entirely innate and it not be just a curiosity for the personnel involved. It should not fall to obscurity as a Phil Oakley side project.

They play this over the P.A. at work sometimes, though all too rarely. It enlivens and brings joy to me like nothing else. Four minutes of exhilaration, rapture, carrying me off to a bliss, too elated to be drawn from the sound coming from the P.A., all inessential noise defeated, to be able to do any work at all. I’m not being poetic or exaggerating here. I am entirely too incapacitated to work or disenrapture myself when this song, or any other alleviating song, plays to me there. It is a pleasure i need in my life, especially at work, and i will not sacrifice or deny it. Throw down your tools and dance in the street, or in your checkout cubicle.

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