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Cue To You

Cue to you – Fuel

A story. I had gone to the city by myself with the intent to go to the library but of course i had to spend money i did not have on things i did not need (debatable) along the way. Record stores still held much for me. I had already visited Resist and depleted much money in the process and was library bound but Utopia (at a time it was still an ok store) stood as the final hurdle before i could arrive and fulfil my lacklustre, almost obligatory, drive to study. I entered the store and cautiously browsed the shelves to defend myself from maybe seeing something i wanted and paying what i really did not have for it. I felt safest in the sale section so i did my most thorough browsing there.

The time i was leaving myself to study was gradually becoming adjourned by my delaying, self-serving record shopping and i knew if i was going to buy anything it would have to be soon. And i found this. I found it and instantly snapped myself towards the counter as though every second counted and obligation must be met. But it wasn’t just time to study i wanted to secure. It was a need to kill any further time spent without this album, and to make sure that that day i would make it mine. It had a reputation. It had so much promise. I was sure.

Yes, there is another band named Fuel, and i did not want to find myself having bought one of their records. I don’t command irony all that well. My fears of buying something terrible were allayed slightly as i handed the CD over the counter and the salesperson said to me, “i think this is a different Fuel”. Hey, i was looking for a different Fuel, but, still wary, i asked to listen to it. There was a guy at the listening place standing with his little brother. I had to work my headphones around his and he was one of the most polite people i have ever come across as we struggled with tangled leads and lack of space, he forgiving of imposition caused by me. And he was listening to a Manowar album! Yeah!

So i fixed the headphones around my head and awaited the sound i hoped for, to drown out the Rammstein playing over the store’s speakers. And it played, heard solely by me, and in between closed eyes i looked around at the store, at kids dressed in all kinds of mannered black as they hung around to be seen, thinking (unelitistly…) to myself as the Fuel i wanted played to me that i was the coolest person in there and everyone around me were without a clue, completely unaware. Except, of course, the guy next to me listening to his Manowar album. He had his. I was about to find mine.

I didn’t even reach Cue To You. I don’t think i made it past that first instrumental. I was listening to it in such a rush i’m not sure i convinced myself at all what this album would come to mean to me. Through haste i learned that it was punk, was not terrible, and, at $12.95, was something i could afford. At home – for what has to be nearing 10 years now – it fulfilled all promise, and was everything i hoped it would be. This might be the obvious, responding to bells and whistles choice, but this is my favourite song on the album.

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