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Comfy In Nautica

Comfy in nautica – Panda Bear

This is an achievement. That i have this song in my head after only hearing it once or twice (or more, if it’s that kind of everywhere song – every radio, every hip clothes shop – i think it might be), each and every time indirectly. That i could figure out through minimal exposure exactly this song and who it was by is another achievement. I can never remember any Animal Collective or related songs, just the sounds, hollers, yawps and bleats they come up with. That’s what sticks with me i guess.

That i actually like this song – this grand, critically lauded, cool kid song – is yet another achievement. That i only now take a closer look at this music, and that i still and probably will always keep it at a wait-for-it-to-be-presented-to me-as-muzak distance – well, that’s just expected of me.

the silence

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