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My girlfriend and i went for a long overdue holiday last week, hence the lack of entries. You can actually map the days i’m out of the house, doing something, to the days i’m unable to post a song. It’s something far too infrequent. It’s sad, really. Anyway, as catchup:

Tuesday: My guilty conscience – Dorotea

Canberra. Drive through Snowy Mountains to coast and Merimbula. Main Surf Beach.

Wednesday: On, on, on, on – Tom Tom Club

Merimbula. Potaroo Palace, Magic Mountain, South Beach. Jumping pillow, arcade, walk along the cliffs in the dark.

Thursday: Lloyd, i’m ready to be heartbroken – Camera Obscura

Wednesday: Merimbula. Town, second hand stores, Top Fun. Drive to Eden. Whale museum, Short Point beach, Back Lake boardwalk.

Friday: Healthy food – Cookie Monster

Eden. Drive north. Think about staying in Bateman’s Bay but that place sucks. Drive to Mollymook/Ulladulla. Mollymook beach, Funland, more second hand stores, more cliff walks at night, a lighthouse.

Saturday: Rosemary Ledingham – BMX Bandits – i’ll never be able to find this song again.
Mollymook. Funland. Lunch at hippy, very much vegetarian cafe in Milton. Drive north missing every market we intended to go to, and the Nowra waterslide park. Afternoon snacks at vegetarian cafe with a slightly more to offer the vegan in Gerringong, Weri Beach, Kiama blowhole, drive home.

Today, Sunday: What’s a girl to do – Bat For Lashes

We didn’t listen to this song the entire time away.
We’re such tourists.

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Stay alive – The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

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God Is A DJ

God is a DJ – Pink

The ubiquity of Pink and her songs strikes again. I think i was nice to her last time, but not so much this time for this vacuous, shorthanded slice of commercial-radio-prepping-Friday-nigh- pub-jukebox/DJ-pilgrimage-with-the-girls tedium. But then again, that is life, and a pleasurable part of it, for some people. What did i do last Friday night? Worked until midnight, got home and watched Alan Partridge. A-HA!

leave her to heaven

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Cue To You

Cue to you – Fuel

A story. I had gone to the city by myself with the intent to go to the library but of course i had to spend money i did not have on things i did not need (debatable) along the way. Record stores still held much for me. I had already visited Resist and depleted much money in the process and was library bound but Utopia (at a time it was still an ok store) stood as the final hurdle before i could arrive and fulfil my lacklustre, almost obligatory, drive to study. I entered the store and cautiously browsed the shelves to defend myself from maybe seeing something i wanted and paying what i really did not have for it. I felt safest in the sale section so i did my most thorough browsing there.

The time i was leaving myself to study was gradually becoming adjourned by my delaying, self-serving record shopping and i knew if i was going to buy anything it would have to be soon. And i found this. I found it and instantly snapped myself towards the counter as though every second counted and obligation must be met. But it wasn’t just time to study i wanted to secure. It was a need to kill any further time spent without this album, and to make sure that that day i would make it mine. It had a reputation. It had so much promise. I was sure.

Yes, there is another band named Fuel, and i did not want to find myself having bought one of their records. I don’t command irony all that well. My fears of buying something terrible were allayed slightly as i handed the CD over the counter and the salesperson said to me, “i think this is a different Fuel”. Hey, i was looking for a different Fuel, but, still wary, i asked to listen to it. There was a guy at the listening place standing with his little brother. I had to work my headphones around his and he was one of the most polite people i have ever come across as we struggled with tangled leads and lack of space, he forgiving of imposition caused by me. And he was listening to a Manowar album! Yeah!

So i fixed the headphones around my head and awaited the sound i hoped for, to drown out the Rammstein playing over the store’s speakers. And it played, heard solely by me, and in between closed eyes i looked around at the store, at kids dressed in all kinds of mannered black as they hung around to be seen, thinking (unelitistly…) to myself as the Fuel i wanted played to me that i was the coolest person in there and everyone around me were without a clue, completely unaware. Except, of course, the guy next to me listening to his Manowar album. He had his. I was about to find mine.

I didn’t even reach Cue To You. I don’t think i made it past that first instrumental. I was listening to it in such a rush i’m not sure i convinced myself at all what this album would come to mean to me. Through haste i learned that it was punk, was not terrible, and, at $12.95, was something i could afford. At home – for what has to be nearing 10 years now – it fulfilled all promise, and was everything i hoped it would be. This might be the obvious, responding to bells and whistles choice, but this is my favourite song on the album.

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J’obtiens toujours ce que je veux – Lio

As promised, if i could find the original French versions i would post them. I did and i am. It was turned into Housewife of the Year when it became English sung. You can listen to it in an earlier entry of mine if you want to compare the two. This is the better version in my opinion, but i could probably be dissuaded should someone offer theirs in contradiction.


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Genetic engineering – Orchestral Maneouvres in the Dark

Maybe this is the beginnings of a new direction in personality and preference, like how almost everyone… softened (ick) after high school or punk rock and shifted all musical concentration and inclination to raves and electronic music. But this is not electronic music like that abyss of electronic music that swallowed them all whole. This is still just pop music. I shouldn’t even pretend that this has anything of the conversion they went through. I’m still so much a undancing, conservative, shut-in of a prude. I’m not sure i’m on the road to rave enlightenment yet. I don’t know. Talk to me in five years. The potential embarrassment of running in to my sister there would void absolutely any such life change, though.

Good song, this. Another Sunny Day do a cover of it.


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Don’t Go

Don’t go – Yazoo

Ticking off the major bands one by one in England’s synth pop explosion of the early 80’s, it’s Yazoo. I have to find its underground. It has to exist. Garage synth bands who through lack of chart success, marketing, personality, geography, talent, etc., or even independence and determination, fell and continue to fall below the scope of these revered and remembered bands. It is a genre both glamorous and nerdy enough – it has to breed influence. I think i might find some fantastic things there. Just where to start?…


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Love Plus One

Love plus one – Haircut 100

So… do you like it?

make way for tomorrow

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Love Plus One

Love plus one – Haircut 100

The last time i heard this song was Saturday night, driving home with my girlfirend from a beach and food adventure in the city. It came on, like near everything in my life, through shuffle, and i turned it up. Her ipod is full of music i put on there on the faintest of chances she might like some of it. She needs none of it. She knows what she likes. She knows herself how to get what she likes. But every now and then she finds something nice i leave for her.

Me turning this song up, securing attention to it, was an overt effort to say “Hey, i left something nice for you here.” This posting here is done entirely in the same spirit, with the same enthusiasm of song, and the same trepidation that everything i hope to transmit with this song, this moment, will fall to indifference. I couldn’t tell if she liked it or not. I didn’t ask.

animal house

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A new song – Independent Thought Alarm

Another one. What’s to become of them all?

bad timing

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