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Of Degrees

Of degrees – Crux

It’s funny how nostalgia creeps up and becomes a thing. This so much brings back a time that seems as though it shouldn’t need to be brought back at all. It wasn’t that long ago? A continuum has followed and nothing has been lost? Turns out not as little as i thought. So nostalgia may be colouring this, but man Crux were so good. I didn’t think so much at the time, and i never got enthusiastic about them because they seemed to play every show i went to, but they were incredible. I miss them. I miss what they seemed to hold together. I miss that time.

That pause in this song. The length to which they held it, and us breathless. I can picture the faces – every single one – waiting to lose their shit when it came back. It’s hard to listen to the record. It doesn’t come back as brutally as the memory wants it to. It doesn’t bring it back nearly enough.

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