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Butt Sister

Butt sister – Lung Leg

Lung Leg are one of those bands where how much i love them and how much i actually know about them does not scale as evenly as it should. I would say they are one of my favourite bands, exciting and affirming beyond belief, but they fall in a wave of equally as favourite bands – the Slampt and Huggy Nation bands – and it is hard for me to pick out and distinguish Lung Leg from all those other bands that excite and affirm just as much. I have a lot of records by them, but i don’t know how many there are and how many i don’t have. I don’t know any particularities about them, musically, politically, personally, or otherwise. Is it important to? I think it is. Just what i know and can infer from the… movement they were a part of. When i say i love them, it’s more like saying i love the early/mid 90’s UK DIY scene. Huggy Bear got all the press. All the press that was available to a kid in Australia anyway.

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