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In Defense of Reality

In defense of reality – Shelter

Can we, Alex? Can we? The irony and confusion would be delicious. Your “Logic Happens” sticker would be administered some unwanted equivocality, and perhaps we could get people to hand out reactionary, admonishing flyers at our show. Is it right to do things in the name of irony and hilarity? This song doesn’t sit well with me, and i could not like it without the distance wonderful, wonderful irony puts me from complete alignment with it’s lyrics, it’s message. It’s a good song, just not one i can disciple myself to. I could never be Krishna. As long as they keep printing their cookbooks for any infidel to steal recipes, i’ll be fine.

It was mentioned by someone in Burning Fight, but i cannot fathom how huge the whole Krishna thing was in early 90’s hardcore. It seems absurd. Good enough reasons were given and scenarios painted for its rise in the book, but still the presence and establishment it came to have, with hardly any trace of it left, is astonishing. The free food must have helped.

This is the only Shelter song i’ve heard. As i said, i like the song, the music. It just treads on me. Don’t tread on me. Maybe that is what effect Ray Cappo was aiming for. Perhaps he meant the song as a conceptual piece impressing upon us similar feelings of being targeted, of our beliefs turned into a punching bag, of antagonism, of objection, of contest, of rise to defense all our anti-religion songs stirs in them. An empathy task in song. Too much credit? The credit is given because i’ve often heard Raghunath being quite the erudite person, able to argue and dispute many a snotty hardcore kid’s attempt to refute Krishna. In Defense of Reality‘s lyrics do not hold all that sound a case for the discredit of science.

Security. Well, how secure are we?/Making our plans in a castle of sand as our dreams get dragged to sea./You say you’re independent; well is that a fact?/It’s by creation’s donation that you are maintained but you’d rather turn your back.
In defense of reality!
Today’s modern science is your modern religion./Guesswork taught as fact–“Don’t talk back”–blind faith in their decision./You say explosion started creation,/and we’re just chemical combinations,/but would you take the same stand if there was a gun in my hand?/Or would you beg for your salvation?
In defense of reality?
Actually, these conclusions prove their insanity!/A creation without a creator…Can it be?/Just like a painting without a painter…absurdity!/No, I don’t wanna run away, I want to embrace reality.

You are going to have to do better than that! Oh well, i’m sure this argument has been had often and to nauseating ineffect by people of varying intelligence on both sides. And it seems i’m choosing sides. Break it down. Now.

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