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Jeon Wol diary – T-ara N4

T-ara N4 is just T-ara as a 4 person subunit, with Hyomin, Eunjung, Jiyeon and Areum. So my three favourite members and Areum, who would have still been Hwayoung if not for that unpleasantness. So transfiguratively, my four favourite T-ara members. I don’t know what the other three (no it’s four now, isn’t it?) are doing in this meantime but i don’t think they need something as great as this to help illustrate their superfluity. It is basically just a T-ara song done without them.

They have such an impossible hill to climb to get back to where they were. Not musically, but public image-wise. It makes me happy they’re still shoving themselves in people’s faces and trying to win back some of what they had. The outrage over what happened has gone on so long and to such ridiculous lengths that the people who still hold vindictiveness to them a) have no lives, b) would have stirred the same amount of scandal and rumour no matter what they did, and c) will never forgive T-ara anyway, so what is the point of kneeling to them? I wish some of the things they say were true, because it doesn’t matter and honestly it would be cooler if they were all iljins in high school. Just please keep releasing music.

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