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nothing – no one

There was nothing there. Just nothing. Maybe i’m broken. Scanning my brain like a radio trying to find a signal, a song, and nothing. And there would be nothing in there for some time after i got up, but that was probably just due to me trying so hard to put something in there. It feels dishonest to invent a song for today so let’s just leave it without one

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Science Friction

Science friction – XTC

Early XTC. This is one of the records i inherited from my mother, and one of the most played of that lot because i’m dumb and i like dumb things. It was her birthday yesterday. I should get her to write today’s song as a guest columnist. I never have known what she has thought of and how she has been affected by a lot of this music. She was six years younger than i am now when she was made to mostly give this up, and i have little acquaintance with the young woman she was before my sister and i came along.

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Rehabilitated – Riverdales

It was my mother’s birthday yesterday and this thing here was dutifully put aside for it. Rehabilitated by the Riverdales was the song at its beginning. The weakest falsetto vocals ever end this song.

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Eulalia, Eulalia

Eulalia, Eulalia – Braid

In the Braid video, this song is used to soundtrack a photograph montage scene towards the end. Photos of Braid throughout their career, live and promotional, set to one of my favourite songs. It’s about this time it all becomes too much for me and i’m despondent, crippled in loss, ineffect and dispirit, weeping if my body can function at all. It’s what this band means to me. And it is the distance between that life – those images, that sound, and all in those who made it – and my own. The life, the experience, the company, the affect. Ho hum. Time to make myself feel desperate again.

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Fertile Crescent

Fertile Crescent – Great Plains

I like to think that this song exists for two reasons: 1) To have a slower song in their repertoire, and 2) to have an excuse to use the wet-finger-on-rim-of-a-crystal-glass effect on the organist’s organ. Or a third: Great Plains had such a beautiful, dreamlike song in them so they just wrote it. It fits so perfectly on the album, as some astral respite from the breathless whirlwind of the other songs. What a band…

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Gettin’ Air

Gettin’ air – Chixdiggit!

Yes, getting air. When was the last time anyone even said that? Even in 1998. Snowboarders, maybe. Secluded on top of their mountains, it can leave them a little backward in developments regarding acceptable hip speak. I think that’s a problem shared among the imitativeness of every other “extreme” “sport” that isn’t skateboarding. But Chixdiggit know that. The only reason they’re even on the snow fields and trying to talk the lingo is because the girl KJ likes is there.

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Loveless Love

Loveless love – The Field Mice

The Feelies Mice. The Fieldies. This is a really good cover of an in the first place incredible song. The Field Mice very much make it their own, eschewing the arpeggio outro and other guitar sophistry not becoming them, and replacing the franticness of the Feelies with their own special kind.

It is this version i had in my head. It’s the tape warble. It comes from a compilation tape called Something’s Burning In Paradise Again… that came bundled with a zine in 1989. Of course i have neither the tape or the zine, so it is with a heap of gratitude – mine and the many like me who i will never meet because we’re strewn at inconvenient, remote distances across this planet – that someone many years ago compiled a file of Field Mice demos, compilation and live songs. They nearly doubled the amount of Field Mice songs i had by doing so, and that is a great gift indeed. So thank you, person.

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