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Walk Away Renee

Walk away Renee – The Left Banke

Because i had never heard it before i moved here, and because of how often i’ve heard it here, this song will forever remind me of the mountains. There must be some conspiracy, someone or some committee deciding this song as this town’s inescapable anthem.

I first heard it on the local community radio station, back announced by the seemingly most erudite of DJ’s who was it turned out only reading a wikipaedia page. Since then, everywhere. Every time i turn on the radio, every store i walk or waste my life and potential in, in the street, at community events, sung by others. If i ever went out i’d probably hear it in pubs as well. It is a nice song and this is no complaint. It’s just i’ve heard it too many times correlated to this one place for it not to seem like some machination put forth by certain civic powers that be.

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