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Roses – Outkast

This seems so old now. This mp3 was probably from around the same time. So how does it hold up to the fawning, narrative drawing and legitimate music history alignment the music press at the time jumped over themselves to lay upon it? I don’t know. They don’t like to admit they’re wrong so it probably holds up just fine. Who cares? This is the first time i’ve paid attention to this song, and you know it’s really hateful. Made more so because of the power imbalance the platform Outkast spit their sour grapes out from enables. It’s unanswered, unanswerable, yet transmitted to millions with assured support and truth. What can you do to fight against that? And it works from two levels: gender and the clout of celebrity. “Crazy Bitch/Bitch/Stupid ass bitch/Old punk ass bitch/Old dumbass bitch/A bitch’s bitch/Just a bitch.” Caroline sounds really cool and i’m sure she couldn’t care less.

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Hey Ya

Hey ya – Outkast

Once upon a time there was a song called Hey Ya and nobody seemed to not like it, until people were forced to realise what is involved in universal attachment to a song, in that as it begins to overstay its set life as a pop single, it falls and remains forever in the hands of people who think doing an acoustic cover of it is the most novel, winning idea anyone could ever come up with.

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