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Heatwave – Hotpants Romance

I’ve been resisting referring on everything to Korea as much a possible, but Korean summers are hot! And because i operate on simple lines, walking around, sweating cumulatively more than i ever have in my life (in a country where no one else seems to sweat at all. You can’t even buy deodorant there), the word “heatwave” comes into my head and this song immediately follows. It was there a lot. And it’s such a perfect summation of heat and being helplessly trapped in it. “It’s a heatwave whoaaaaaa!” What more needs to be said?

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Emails – Hotpants Romance

By many conventional measures not held or tolerated at all here, Hotpants Romance are the worst band in the world. However, by more accurate measures – measures of the heart, measures of the soul, impassioned measures, measures of just plain affect, measures that get it – they are the best. They formed two hours before their first show and now have just recently finished touring Europe. Start a band.

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