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Too Much Drama

Too much drama – The Vandals

If i could Xerox a home from the talking picture box i would choose the Munsters. That seemed perfect. Is this as serious as the Vandals got? It actually touches on a weighty issue, and is kind of affecting. It’s anchored to TV and pop culture references, but still, it’s not about poop, being somewhat of a loser, punks, being a punk, not being punk enough, food or girls.

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An Idea For A Movie

An idea for a movie – The Vandals

I can’t believe how many Vandals songs i get stuck in my head. The only album i even have by them is their country album. On tape. It must be something to do with how catchy they are. Hmm. Anyway, i’ll let today’s song stand as a reminder for all those ideas for movies i have that i shouldn’t let slip away, no matter how terrible, even though i’ve not put a single thing ever into practice. I’m the laziest person. Summer of Nat.

moby dick

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People that are going to Hell – The Vandals

I remember Henry having Steven’s copy of Hitler Bad, Vandals Good for something like three years. Those three years spanned such a change in taste, and such a change… well not in personality, but in those little material adornments we like to surround ourselves with to better define our personality. I think we all had that change at that time, Henry probably earlier and in a more becoming way than the rest of us. Doing it right.

It was just a matter of getting it back. I’m not sure if Steven even wanted it back. There was a time there where we hardly saw Henry at all. Then for whatever reason – an outing. Mini-golf, maybe. Maybe a party – diverting lives realigned and we were a group again. Then i go and spoil it all (and a couple of times throughout) by being a crotchety shut-in with nothing worthwhile to say or offer, who can’t seem to not let social phobia get in the way of vital and ever so rewarding experiences. Distant from everyone because i’ve distanced myself from everyone. Anyway, this song is not for him. Those i’ve given him over the years remain for him. The CD i’m bringing to work this afternoon is for him. Please be there.

red dawn

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Change my pants (I don’t wanna) – The Vandals

A song that speaks very much to me. I have no idea if this is indecent or how anyone else goes about wearing their clothes, but i have two pairs of trousers – two pairs of the same trousers, and they’re slacks, not jeans, so i have no hope – and i’ll wear one pair until there’s a visible stain (flour! Usually) and then change to the other. I’ve done this ever since i changed from exclusively wearing shorts and though i take no pride in admitting it, as if it betrays something of whatever i’ve developed my personality to be, i do have the support of this song to make myself feel better. We all need that, sometimes.

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