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Confusion – New Order

I said yesterday that this was the first New Order song that i really liked. I think i need to be told what to like. It was because of the BBC series Dancing In The Street, and this being the New Order song they covered in depth – Arthur Baker and the band going through the steps of its production. I was never really sure why they chose this song and not one of their bigger hits to examine, but i think it has something to do with the growing and shifting role of the producer in music and bridging the gap between the rock band and the club, between Manchester and New York. Also it may have had to do with Confusion being the first New Order record released with remixes.

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Thieves Like Us

Thieves like us – New Order

For a band whose universal high standing, reverence and recognition i see as convincing enough evidence that my attention and energy are not needed here, that i will find nothing personally vital with them, it’s always nice to find another New Order song that i like. I like things that remind me how much of a prudish, dismissive idiot i am. I need them. How else will i learn?

This is how i will come to like New Order: One song at a time. Yawning through Bizarre Love Triangle and Blue Monday because of their ubiquity and terrible cover versions, finding Confusion, then Shellshock, then slapping my ever-expanding forehead for disregarding Bizarre Love Triangle and Blue Monday, then Ceremony, and now this song. I think there might be something to this band. I think there might be something contributing to my lonely, lonely existence.

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Ceremony – New Order

Last time i posted the Galaxie 500 cover with the added shame that i had never heard this New Order original (with the compounded shame i knew not whether it was a New Order or Joy Division original). That’s all this song was to me. Since then i have listened to this version of song. Obviously – it wouldn’t be posted here otherwise. While it’s good, it’s still a Galaxie 500 song to me. I’m sorry. Maybe in time, or if i had friends, or found myself in a social setting where things like this mattered, or found myself in any social setting at all, i’d succumb to guilt, pressure, and the threat of breaching some decisive social more and admit under that torture that the New Order version is the ONLY version. Until then, until i can no longer get away with this… Galaxie 500!


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