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Living A Lie

Living a lie – Side By Side

One of my favourite things to listen to is the live set Side By Side did for WNYU. It’s just them playing on the radio, and it’s the same old Side By Side songs, but it’s just how goofy they are and the way that Jules introduces the songs that hooked me. The banter is mostly about their friends, the scene and want for support thereof, but it just escalates into some frenzy peaking with the guitars swelling and he screaming “this is called __________ so __________” and then bust: song.

It is so perfect. It also captures something their 7″ does not: their youth. No macho front, just non-stop energy and voice breaking. It makes all the brotherhood and usual hardcore tropes they sung about kinda quaint schoolyard stuff and a precise measure of their youth, experience and scope, inseparable from it and that much more tolerable because of it.

And it all sounds so great, in that wall of noise way a band all playing in the same room gives. It being taped off the radio with no effort to clean it up also helps. I never thought of Side By Side that much before. This is the version of Living A Lie from it. The introduction for it is one of the more tame, unfortunately. He still screams “ALEX!” though. It also has a mosh intro.

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