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Christmas Eve: Koi suru fortune cookie – AKB48

Christmas Day: Merry X’mas for you – Onyanko Club

Finally, an actual Christmas song falls on Christmas Day. It’s probably not that worth celebrating. We listened to it while opening presents because i’m a huge bully and it’s the only Christmas record i own apart from the Phil Spector one. Credibility lies with that over this, but i’m too far below credibility to be any other way.

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Tuesday, October 15th:Hishou no mori no tenshitachi – Onyanko Club

Wednesday, October 16th: Mass hypnosis – Sepultura

Thursday, October 17th: Understand – Youth of Today

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Jaa Ne

Jaa ne – Onyanko Club

The ultimate flying in the face of sadness song. Or better perhaps flying directly into the face of sadness. They’re really dragged through this, every time, every graduation. Japanese words i have learned from their pop music: Kanashimi. This was the first Onyanko Club song (as a group) to reach number one. Nakajima Miharu on main vocals.

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Koi wa kuesu-chan – Onyanko Club

Koo-koo-koo-koo-koo-estion. Question.

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Selafuku o nugasanaide – Onyanko Club

Hmmm… There are a million things i could say about this song: defense, implication, the critical ground it opens up, cold facts, ardour, etc. But i’d just like to focus on what it meant for everyone in this moment below. The first and last song they ever sang.

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Katatsumuri samba – Onyanko Club

Their ninth single, and while it still made number one, it was their at that time lowest selling record; and again at that time, the lowest selling single to ever debut at number one. They would only release one more and then fold. I’ve never been sure why it ended. I’m sure there is a reason, and not one giving in to the pressures of money making and staying on top. I like to think of it happening akin to Sarah Records’ folding. Something really idealist and admirable, done entirely for the music and their belief and life stake in it. 100 7″ records and that’s enough. 10 Onyanko singles and that’s enough.

And it’s their first single to break from the pop rock formula. Samba. I don’t know if it’s real Samba. My beginner level drum lessons and life lived very conservatively musically (i.e. not the music you can dance to) haven’t really left me much of an idea of what Samba is. Maybe that ignorance followed with the song writers. Whistle, agogo, cowbell – those are the hallmarks, therefore this is Samba, right? I wonder how much the music choice was informed by and a reach to the Japanese diaspora in Brazil. I’m guessing none at all. The b-side of this single is the better song.

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Hishou no mori no tenshitachi – Onyanko Club

The Onyanko sub group that never was. Tomikawa Harumi, Watanabe Minayo and Watanabe Marina, while performing under the Onyanko banner, are the only club members who sing on this song. And it was performed live just like that: the three of them alone, with choreography and all, and no Onyanko chorus behind them. Yet the three of them were never named under a subgroup nor ever performed together again. I think the rising popularity of the Watanabes may have had something to do with it, as very soon after this song they would debut as solists, one after the other. That leaves Harumi out and i kind of feel bad for her. She was one of the members i’ve thought should have had a higher profile than she did. The perils of being in the biggest girl group in the world.

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