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Single File Accident

Single file accident – Giants Chair

Man this thing is suffocating in the way it swells. Just one chord, plucked with fingers, over and over again, way past any sensible limit the laws of music would have set. It should have broken way before it does but they hold it back. And when it does eventually boil over into its fantastic chorus, every bit of tension remains. Not a moment of release but a moment of just not being able to hold it in anymore. This is quite the song.

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Gunshot And The Jogger

Gunshot and the jogger – Giants Chair

I love Giants Chair a great deal. I’ve become too much of a recluse to know for sure (who knew their was an election last Saturday and why didn’t they tell me?!) but, simply because i don’t hear their name cried out over town to every moon, every night, i believe them to be one of the most underrated bands. The most seamless, can’t help it time signatures looping and worming, then breaking into these glorious straight respites of octave chords and soaring melody. Maybe my favourite guitar playing of any band. Not only “how?” in technique, but “how?” in “how the heck did he think to come up with that?” Every song.

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Robbing Peter, playing Paul – Giants Chair

I love Giants Chair. Purity and Control, to me, is the best thing they did. The guitar playing is amazing, right? It’s not just me? It’s just so original and creative, forcing songs out themselves sounding so completely like nothing else, as much as today as in 1996. More so if you ignore the geo-specific sound of the mid-90’s midwest Giants Chair came from. Someone really should do an ethnographic study of the regional hardcore sounds of the 90’s. The only other thing that ranges such a diversity of sound between different scenes – Kansas, Illinois, San Diego, Florida, New York, etc. – is hip hop. The only other thing not to look to a central taste-making, dispensing, barometric force, but to what is happening locally, to what one can feel, belong, see develop and contribute to, is hip hop.

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