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Rodeo – Isocracy

You could probably date this might to an exact. Seventh Heaven was making its Australian television premiere and i was upset in my own special, idiotic, poorly prioritising way that i would miss it. Oh, the misguided hope i had for that show. It was that night – the beginning of the non-ratings season, the beginning of summer (though i remember it being unseasonably cold). To make it mean something, to have that something to do young people should never find themselves without if they’re doing youth right, we went to Al’s new house in East Kurrajong.

I don’t think it was a planned trip at all, just that we heard people were there and something might happen. What happened was that we found Alex’s older brother’s record collection and it became one of the most amazing and formative nights of my life. His brother had left for somewhere, leaving behind his room and one of those record collections i had only ever heard about and would never expect to find in a garage on a property in East Kurrajong. This directionless kid’s hands flipped through. I had already been into punk rock for a while then so i did not find it through what he had, but his collection contained nearly every single album bands i already was listening to cited as their favourite and most influential. So deeper i went.

I wish i could look at it again. There must have been so much i overlooked as i went straight for and remained at those Descendents, All, Fugazi, Operation Ivy and Dead Kennedys records, still unaware of a world beyond them. The albums i’d find there now… I pretty much ignored entirely his metal albums. If it weren’t for Alex producing this 7″, Bedtime For Isocracy, from that endless pile and playing it to us with complete endorsement and assuredness we would love it. He actually lived with these records. He had more than one night to file through and absorb them. For as long his brother was away, they were his – an inheritance. So he played Isocracy for us. “1,000,104! 1,000,105! 1,000,106!, 1,000,107!” I had never seen so many songs on such a small record before

It is a record linked forever to that night. It took me many years to own this, and this may seem silly but i have always worried in owning my own copy i might sever that link. But no. Appreciate and know it and Isocracy as a band and their place in the Gilman St. scene more, yes, but that night had an immutable effect on me and i will always look at this 7″ and remember. This song is so great. The whole 7″ is.

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