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She’s Gone

She’s gone – NOFX

Every NOFX album had one or two songs that sounded a little bit better, more ambitious, more serious, than what they usually came up with. This is one of those songs. It sounded better to me as a song held within the context of other NOFX songs, standing out only there. Now that i’m a little more worldly, it just sounds like another NOFX song – any semblance it once held to something maybe beautiful is undone, because it just sounds like another NOFX song. And who wants to listen to another NOFX song?


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Way To Go

Way to go – Girls’ Generation

Rock along with the Girls’ Generation. An anomaly in their back catalogue, and maybe that’s for the best. Though this a very good song – i like the bridge (after cringing through the English lines) – it does shake their identity and expose somewhat what they are: A construction of producers and industry-types. People who like guitars very much, or expect others to like guitars very much, or still invest an authentic, rebellious symbolism in the guitar. I’m still entirely not sure what constitutes modern J-Pop, but to me this sounds very J-Pop. In my mind it’s something very loud, rocky, and could be used for an anime theme song. This song is all those things.

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Young ones everywhere – Stéphanie

This song was released in aid of UNICEF, which i guess blurs a line between pop star philanthropy and regal philanthropy.

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Fanfare for the common man – Emerson, Lake and Palmer

AKA the Wide World of Sports theme. Also Terry Funk’s entrance music in his Japanese and ECW days. And also the clip used in every punk music documentary to portray the state of the world punk had to come along and save us from. Maybe because of its link to fond memories of Wide World of Sports and ECW, i’ve never minded this song the way, AS A PUNK, i’m meant to. I am glad that punk came along (even though it was already there and would have bubbled up regardless) and i’m glad it had something to react against, but it seems silly to have sides drawn on a battle nearly 40 years old. To have either/or.

At least until Keith Emerson goes off on his GX 1 explorations, then i’m punk all the way and i must destroy this prog machine. They just couldn’t help themselves, could they? Apparently the album this song is from is like Double Nickels on the Dime, in that each side of its four is designated to each of the members. Whereas on Double Nickels on the Dime that conceit sounds like (and is) the coolest thing in the world, the descriptions i’ve read of this record make it sound like the most horrible and onanistic thing.

This is from side 4, the chaff side left for them to perform together as Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Maybe my knowledge of ELP (nicknames!) is best left to this song and this song only. The Minutemen were right: Bloated rock dinosaurs had good ideas sometimes, but could never get over their precious selves or look beyond their pedestalled rock lives to present them in cool and effective ways.

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Big World

Big world – The Chinkees

If all third-wave ska was more like the Chinkees we wouldn’t have turned on it so. Though they were very sharply dressed and played ska music, and were Mike Park’s band, it didn’t even seem like they were a part of that scene. They were calling on something else – a tradition, not a bandwagon. A means of expression not forced expression. Maybe it is because they never had horns. They were a punk band who played ska. They had songs and this was how they played them. They have held up very well. The less-than-good parts of the band, the now embarrassing parts, are those that capitulated to and tried to match with what everyone else was doing with ska at the time. This is an incredibly personal and sad song.

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Mama Used To Say

Mama used to say – Hepcat

Featuring the blind guy from Becker. Also Boy Meets World and PCU. At one of the Warped Tours i was having a really bad time and hated everyone, and found solace watching probably the quietest band there, Hepcat. I just had to be different. I enjoyed them and bought their CD and even had it signed, but given an unshaken future of complete freewill, i will never listen to them again. Something about them makes me ill. It’s a very good third-wave approximation of first-wave ska, i’m sure, but who needs that? Apart from those who want to feel good and find a way to feel good through third-wave approximations of first-wave ska.

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T Minus 100

T minus 100 – Kerosene 454

This is the best Kerosene 454 song. I think they must have thought it their best as well, the amount of places it appears. Or maybe it was just the song they had lying around and ready for those compilation and 7″ appearances, throwing it on the Came By To Kill Me album as well. It’s my favourite song of theirs. And after all these years i still don’t know the timings for the flam parts. I don’t want to count. It’s seems so seamless and i don’t want to believe Kerosene 454 are just adding beats in there for complexity’s sake. It’s just the song, the riff, and how it came out.

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Beauty school dropout – Frankie Avalon

Watching and becoming aware of Grease at a young age, and keeping that awareness into maturity, a lot of the humour, gravity and touchstones in it go and remain completely over my head. Like just how hilarious it is for Frankie Avalon to appear in a heaven-set dream sequence, reproaching and insulting a 28 year old Didi Conn to wise up and go back to high school. All that it is calling on, all that has been put into it, all the things an eight year old can miss. And not just being too young, but being too much from the wrong generation to understand.

Sometimes i need my own personal Frankie Avalon guardian angel dream to call me out on all self-destructive things i’m prone to. He never shows up.

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Ma Boy

Ma boy – Sistar19

Sistar19 are a two member sub-group of Sistar. I’m not sure of the reasoning behind it, where the other two members were during this, or if Sistar19 will ever do anything again, but it gave us this song. And a particularly popular dance practice video. The venture was far more popular than anything Sistar had done previously, and helped push Bora and Hyorin’s stars out so disproportionately far beyond the other members that i could not tell you anything about them apart from a news story a few weeks ago about one of those remaining members feeling inferior compared to the others. Sad. Sistar performed this song at the Google concert yesterday as Sistar, sharing the vocal duties among the four of them. They did very well.

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Bo Peep Bo Peep

Bo peep bo peep – T-ara

I can’t believe this song hasn’t come up before. This song was released as a single. In fact, it is the T-ara single. If they are to be remembered for anything, it will be for this song, and the anyone-can-do-it hand dance it was packaged with. It became one of those fixtures, social, cultural. That youtube concert is on right now. T-ara aren’t performing, but if they were, rest assured this would be be among the two or three songs they’d do, regardless of how old it is and how much they’ve done since then. Sistar are performing Alone right now. I’m needed there.

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