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Stuart and the Ave. – Green Day

Because i’m so cool, i didn’t buy my first Green Day album until i was well out of high school. It seemed the right time. All through school, bombarded with them from all sides – the tough kids, the cool kids, the less-cool kids, the kids who just fell into them, even a teacher, all finding something of themselves and who they wanted to put forth in the band – i got my share of Green Day. Everywhere, all the time. I may have even liked them if i let my guard down. Or if everyone who liked Green Day wasn’t a colossal arsehole. Or if i hadn’t already found the music that aided the persona that i wanted to fight through high school with.

I’m a real cool guy… So high school had ended, the walls came down, and who was there to know if i gave in and bought a Green Day CD? I had the time and the space to recontextualise them myself: as part of a pop punk continuum, as part of the Gilman Street scene. Mike Dirnt played on a Screeching Weasel album. They had to change their name to not be confused with Sweet Baby. Billie Joe was in Pinhead Gunpowder. I seemed to like Green Day so long as it wasn’t Green Day. It was through that that i thought maybe being such a prude all that time was putting myself between something good. And it was good. It’s pop punk, just a weirdly, intensely latched on to, voice of a generation kind of pop punk.

This is as far as i’ll go with the band. Insomniac. It’s amazing to me that they are still going, and are still being exactly what for teenagers they were when i was a teenager. If i had joined in on it in school then maybe i could have gotten an answer as to why the songs on my CD are all clumped together as three separate tracks and if everyone else’s copy is the same. Green Day Anonymous.

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