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We’re So Cool

We’re so cool – Au Pairs

Has there ever been a song title more fitting, more incontrovertible, to a band. I know that’s not what this song is about, but the boast of the title holds up entirely to any scrutiny. So cool. So, so cool. Is there a cooler band? In essence, resolution and effect, i don’t think so.

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It’s obvious – Au Pairs

It just occurred to me that i am three days late in celebrating the two year anniversary of me wasting my time with this thing. That’s a pity. I should have done something to commemorate it. Or given it up. How many mornings can i waste trying to bring about something from ineffable nothings? Like this song – this perfect force of a song. I can’t think of a thing to say other than that: It is perfect. And that’s something i’ve said too many times for too many songs. That’s what i get for surrounding myself and being affected by so many perfect songs i guess.

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