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Just Like Heaven

Just like heaven – The Cure

Another band i am woefully unfamiliar with, and yet too familiar at the same time. Their greatest hits CD seemed in the possession of everyone who had a car and a backseat for me and others to pile into and be ferried to an imperative somewhere our young selves desired. Seriously, everyone had this, as though it were issued with car stereos.

A great deal of my music listening has been through passive absorption, at the mercy of others’ stereos – room and car – and while i’ve lamented this, and was often at pain during such forcefeeding, i never actually did anything to change it, and any alternative i could hope to offer wouldn’t have pleased anyone. It seems as though we do need these songs. A collective ear and collective memory, these songs soundtracked so many good times that are so fondly recollected. And missed. An exact song to fit my exact feeling would have been inappropriate. Maybe i’ve relented enough to now cherish songs i hated back then, but i can’t imagine those years without them, and i cannot hear them without stirring some kind of affective reminiscence. It was shaped by acquiescence and just wanting to be there, it was shaped by others: It was shaped by my friends. Sure, i’m picky, but i could always go and listen to mine, my own, at home.

This song is obviously good, as are others – Inbetween days, Friday i’m in love, that one song that Alex really likes and played to me once i don’t know the name of, some others – but beyond those, i could very much do without. Just like heathen. An education is in no doubt mine lacking, but from what little i have heard and how often i have heard it i really don’t feel the need for much more Cure in my life. Lovecats ick. That’s one. I’ll just wait for them to be delivered to me as mall muzak, a commercial, or through a movie’s soundtrack, like in Adventureland which has to be the last time i heard this song. Or the next time i’m ever in the backseat of any car being ferried somewhere my ageing self desires.

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